Father's Day - always a tricky one!

Father's Day - always a tricky one!

Another month bites the dust and into June we go.  Hopefully the warm weather from earlier in the year will return and Summer can begin in earnest.  

The month of June always signals to me the start of Summer, bbqs and outdoor activities, along with of course Father's Day. Whether it's a treat or a gift for the special male in your life, Father, Step-Father, Grandfather, Uncle or any other title they go by it can be tricky to find the perfect something.  

A possible treat for the special day would be a Kin Toffee Vodka inspired cocktail. If Guinness is his usual go to drink,  try adding a couple of shots of our toffee vodka to create a beautiful smooth Black Velvet cocktail.  Kin Toffee Vodka added to Bourbon or any blended whiskey really brings out the caramel tones of the whiskey barrels. 

If you are looking for gifts of any kind we have a great selection on our website, including the initiative Rock Ice cubes.

However you choose to celebrate this special occasion we at Kin HQ wish you a very Happy Fathers Day!!





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