• Toffee + Vodka

    Deliciously smooth vodka, blended with rich caramel notes and finished with a subtle kick. Good times with great friends.

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  • Toffee Lemon + Vodka

    A perfect blend of our beloved caramel flavour with a zesty lemon kick, it’s a delicious treat that’s sure to impress.

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  • Toffee Apple + Vodka

    Brings a fresh yet sumptuously comforting variation of our original toffee version which can be enjoyed straight or in cocktails.

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  • Sour Kin

    50ml Kin Toffee Vodka
    25ml Lemon Juice
    25ml Sugar Syrup

    Add ice and shake it all about

  • Cumbrian Kin Mule

    25ml Kin Toffee Vodka
    50ml Medium Cider
    25ml Ginger Beer

    Stir with a cinnamon stick for added flavour

  • Toffee Apple

    50ml Kin Toffee Vodka
    50ml Apple Juice
    25ml Lemon Juice

    Serve with a slice of apple for added flavour

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