Mind boggling

I’ve always considered myself reasonably 'on it' with social media and the benefits it can bring. Yes I know there’s an army of doubters and although I’m not a millennial by any means, I love universe all these platforms open up to us and how they bring a myriad of worlds to our phones and iPads. My usage has increased significantly in recent years as I’ve embarked on the roller coaster that is small business. Without social media, websales basically wouldn’t exist. Neither would the engagement with those thousands of people who would have passed us by, but for the ‘window’ that is Twitter, FB and Instagram. It’s not all about sales, it’s building proper relationships, spreading the passion that i have for my creation and seeing the predominantly happy reactions when someone else discovers the joys of our Toffee Vodka.

However the one that I’m wrestling with at the moment is Pinterest, which as a user is simple and exciting, it’s a sweet shop of fabulous ideas that you can lose yourself in for hours in end. But as a business,tackling the matrix that is supporting the enjoyment that you get from Pinterest is MIND BOGGLING!  My time is now being eaten away with trying to get hundreds of tasteful and brand relevant photos, a not unenjoyable task, but terrifying to a enthusiastic amateur!  Our ambitions  on Pinterest are boundless, we know how addictive it is, but when you are whiling away your lunch hours and when you should be doing something more productive, spare us a thought - those befuddled and bemused business owners who are rushing around turning ourselves into creative types. What fun!