Summer's just around the corner - honestly!

Summer's just around the corner - honestly!

We had some sunny warm weather a few weeks ago, and it was great that we British immediately dragged out our shorts lit the barbecue and mowed the lawn. Unfortunately since then it’s not been exactly tropical but we of course live in hope! In anticipation of another long hot summer being on the horizon we have been playing about with some delicious Toffee Vodka summer cocktails.... 

And one of our favourites is to add a splash of Old Fashioned Lemonade to our Toffee Vodka which miraculously transforms it into a Lemon Sherbert - great for those upcoming lounging days in the garden.

Also, don't forget it's great over ice cream and also to make some fresh pineapple tropical - just douse it in Kin

Break out the Foster Grants as they used to say in the adverts

Just because I was inspired to make this drink by the great outdoors and alpine skiing doesn’t mean it’s just for winter- it’s for all year round ....

We may not be global but we are perennial 

A drink for all seasons .....

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