Wishing you a Happy New Year!  It's not too late is it?

Wishing you a Happy New Year! It's not too late is it?

Here at Kin HQ we're catching up on all those jobs that we put to one-side in the very busy run up to Christmas. We've taken down the decs and having to dust behind the desks and finding all those pens we thought we'd lost!

We hope you had a fabulously festive time and enjoyed a Kin or two, whether in a cocktail or just over ice. It was so good to be able to attend several Christmas markets across the country and meet lots of Kin customers and introduce many more people to our fabulous range.  

After the excitement and loveliness of the festive period sometimes January can feel rather flat. But we've some winter sunshine and we're looking forward to another events season across the spring and summer. We also of course have Valentines Day on the horizon, which is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of fizz with a shot of Kin or a cheeky Kin Martini.

We want to help everyone to have a love filled Valentine's day, we know you don't always have to share the love but if you do, please sign up to our newsletter via the website where we like to reward our friends with some exclusive offers.

However, for this Valentine's day, we've got a fabulous offer on the website for everyone - you can  buy a 500ml bottle of Kin &  2 miniature Kin bottles -  all for £22.00  

Let's share the love 

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