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Gift Pack with Kin Shot Glass & Miniature bottle

Gift Pack with Kin Shot Glass & Miniature bottle

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Choice of Toffee, Toffee Apple or Toffee Lemon miniature.

Are you searching for a thoughtful gift or a chance to try one of our three mouth-watering flavours? Look no further than our Gift Pack with Kin Shot Glass & Kin Miniature Bottle.

This gift pack includes our heavy based Kin Shot Glass (6cl) that stands 9cm high. It also includes a 5cl bottle of our famous Kin Toffee Vodka, Kin Toffee Apple Vodka OR Kin Toffee Lemon Vodka - the choice is yours!

Our 5cl bottles are the perfect size for a special occasion, and it fits right into your bag for a Kin celebration on-the-go.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and our tipples are all dairy free.

Best served

Kin Toffee Vodka is delicious served straight or over ice, but you can also use it in our delicious cocktail recipes.

Vegan + dairy free

Kin Vodka is suitable for vegans and vegetarians - and dairy free too.


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About Kin

With its origins in the English Lake District, our delicious spirit drinks blend vodka with caramel to evoke our stunning surroundings, the seasons and a passion for the great outdoors.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Love it, love it, love it.
Brilliant gift.

Yvonne Athersmith
Shot glass and miniature gift set - great gift appreciated by recipients if they get given - I w...

Great gifts for both male and female recipients if you can bear to give them away! - or just keep handy for train journeys or just to treat yourself ! So versatile and great value with the amazing kin taste that is the best toffee vodka!